The AI journey begins

AI is an important topic and I have the feeling that many people talk about AI but do they really understand it? I don’t think so. And then there are people that don’t understand it and they don’t want to but not because the really don’t want it more a problem of complexity.

When you are like me, tech savvy, interested in new things and maybe also work in IT for quite sometime you know AI is more than difficult to understand when you look unter the hood.

That’s why I start this new project. The Key to AI because I believe it is critical for society and maybe for humanity itself that everybody can understand AI to a specific degree. I also belief AI is here to stay. It will be a friend and also a foe. People will be amazed, delighted but also frightened what AI will do for us, to us. How it will change the landscape of our lives and also when it will happen… And the when was yesterday, today and tomorrow.

So we should start to learn and master the art of AI. For some people it will be how to create it for other how to use it. But whatever you wanna do. Let’s find the Key to AI together.